SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process within a website of items that must be properly configured and included in both "off page" (in the code) and "on page" (what is visible) properly to either advance the website in the rankings in a search engine result page (SERP) or gain and / or maintain a prominent position in the top few pages of all search engines. Unless you know what you are doing with SEO, seriously, it is prudent to leave those tasks for a seasoned pro to handle. There are numerous related items to consider, conceive, undertake, update and adjust – and these tasks are only a few of the hundreds that have to be addressed, both on and off page. You can update your Meta Tag files, but suggest you leave the more important tasks to a professional.

There are very few credentialed and or reputable SEO firms or agencies available to you, all touting superior results just for signing up and paying a handful of hundreds for little or no results whatsoever. There are too many contributing factors and items that must be checked and subsequently adjusted; and knowing how and when the changes are being done and updated in the search engines is crucial to your websites SEO efforts and success.

Most people think that you make a change, and it becomes an immediate change to your ranking -> Nothing could be further from the truth. It can take months for a subtle change to have an effect on your website's ranking in the search engines. So why leave it to those who do not have access to your website files -> yes, the number one thing that is totally required for ANY SEO firm or professional to have -> complete access to your real, actual website files. Because if they do not have that access, then the only SEO they can do for you and / or your website is just submitting your site over and over, again and again to the same search engines, which in the short run, is considered "submission spam", and yes, and your site will be banned, and nearly impossible to recover it. Truthfully, that is all any "SEO company" can do, unless they have full access to edit your websites files.

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